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Amazing Features

A brand new adventure, like nothing seen before!

Crusader Class

Voidus is the only server to have a fully functional Crusader Class that is balanced

Duel System

Want to quickly settle the score with someone? Why not challange them to a Duel

Critical Healing

Heals casted by Clerics now have the chance of being critical which will double the amount healed

Upgrade Equipment

In Voidus you're able to increase the stats of your equipment by using rare keys obtained by defeating enemies

Stat System

Build your character how you want with stats now providing stronger and more unique benefits

World Bosses

In Voidus all players are automatically rewarded depending on how much you contribute to the fight


We've made multiple changes to Instances, one of them being you must now pay a fee to enter

2016 Files

Voidus is the most advanced Fiesta server to ever exist and will continue to be so with weekly updates

Level 89 Cap

High Exp/Drop Rates

Cheapest Item Mall

New Instances

New Card System

New "Magic Find" Stat

New Bracelet System

New Guild War System

New Community Events

Balanced PVP

The Necromancer (World Boss)

And many, many more to come!


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